Below you will find a number of statements which can be used as a base for the processes.

Everything that another portrays is a projection of yourself
Or it is a characteristic that you wish to posess yourself, yet which you cannot obtain and as such you become jealous of the one with the characteristic.
Or it is an unpleasant characteristic which is also dominantly present within your own personality, but which you attempt to ignore and as such you become aggravated when you see the other expressing it.
Because of this, everything in this world or in others that bothers you, is a beautiful opportunity to examine and heal yourself.

We tend to carry with us all damage sustained during our lifetime.
Initially we attempt to avoid reliving experiences that hurt us through acquired behaviour.
We behave in a way that allows us to stay out of similar situations – situations in which we experience feelings associated with the unpleasant event.
This often means that we disregard a major part of our lives.
Besides this, we grow convictions based on these experiences. We may for example feel guilty our entire lives about many a thing; we may feel negative about ourselves or experience a lack of control.
The strangest thing about these convictions is that we gradually learn to accept them as truth and act accordingly. This means that during the course of our lives, we make choices based on these convictions. The basic principle then becomes organizing our lives in a way that allows our convictions to become realities and be confirmed. As such, someone who feels negative about him or herself may continuously pick partners who confirm these ideas.

All ‘unhealthy’ characteristics that we know in this world are in fact repressed characteristics. They are ‘disowned voices’, characteristics that we have locked away.
These repressed eventually resurface at some point in our lives in a distorted and unhealty manner.
Thus, our repressed anger may present itself as blind rage. Like hate aimed at everyone and everything, even against the self. If we heal this repressed form of rage, if we allow it to support our lives then we will find it to be transforming into a powerful resource, allowing us to respectfully set borders effectively and to empower us. The same goes for many other aspects such as jealousy, fear, control, grief or rejection. When we heal these aspects and allow them to integrate in our daily life, we will once again find them to be useful to both ourselves and others.

All thoughts, ideas, actions, convictions, knowledge, wisdom and so forth that creates suffering comes from the Self.
Not from the True Self, not from the Core.
All that comes from ourTrue Essence has compassion in it and is not attached nor creates suffering.
So if you encounter suffering you know your actions comes from the Self which is not capable of creating something autonomous.
Only when the Self is an expression of the True Nature something good comes from it.

All problems can be transformed.
Sometimes it is easily done, sometimes it can takes years.
But in fact it is possible for everyone to achieve inner peace.
This is because of the simple fact that we are already so in our most genuine state of being.
But there is something that stands between this peace and our daily reality.
There are obstacles, veils which hide our True Nature – our inner peace.
The Self could be a perfect reflection, a mirror-image of our True Self.
It can be a light, nourished by our internal peace.
But often the Self, that light is damaged.
That Self is healable.
These Obstacles can be transformed.
These veils can be unravelled.
We can express our True Nature, our inner peace, in daily life.
Trust is the only thing that is required to achieve this.

“The whole moon and the entire sky are reflected in a dew drop on the grass”

We can be that “whole moon and sky” and express ourselves, be a reflection in daily life like a “dewdrop on the grass”