The Great Embrace Retreat Robertson, Zuid Afrika, September 2012.

“I think a lot of us live our daily lives using that old fail, safe method of living through the mind – if we just think about our problems for another day from another angle then maybe life will improve!  Certainly for myself that has got me to an 8 out of 10 score!  However, the opportunity to work with Martin made me feel differently about my daily life.  Most importantly is I FELT my life for the first time in a long while – I didn’t think about my life – I FELT it.  The feeling of calmness; opportunity to make changes in how I live; excitement at how easy it is – these are the feelings I have left with and have stayed with me.  I have had two 10/10 days since leaving the retreat – not all good things! – but certainly being able to access the calm, open, green space inside me has been an enormous help in coping with the demands of REAL life.  Like brushing one’s teeth – going inside to that place is necessary twice a day for me otherwise the yucky feelings build up!!  Martin himself is an astonishing man – compassionate and intuitive – an easy man to relate to as he also has a REAL life!  On a personal note – he changed my attitude towards myself, my children and my loved ones – and ultimately has changed the course of 6 people’s lives at least – like a river redirected.  Water always finds the easiest path and that is how I feel now – I am able to see and FEEL the easy path as oppose to THINK my way onto the difficult path!  Thank you.”

Anna Miller.


For many years I’ve been “busy” fighting all kinds of demons with very little results so this idea of feeding them open up a new possibility of approaching those aspects of my personality that I still felt got in the way of my peace of mind and of those around me.
Today, looking back it all made perfect sense.
The workshop Martin gave was simple.
It was just a very practical way to work with instead of against those aspects of myself I was not conformable confronting and only needed to be brought out to the light and be engaged in a ” face to face” conversation to understand what were really their reason to being in me and then giving them what they needed it so the energy I was spending fighting them could be release and use in more positives ways.