Hypnosis is a condition that opens up a direct link to the subconscious.

It is a benevolent method which creates a calm and relaxed state of mind and body.
A state in which the ability to observe remains, and yet in which there exists a direct connection to the subconscience..
In this condition, which we call ‘hypnosis’, it is possible to employ the subconscious to transform unwanted emotions and convictions into an acceptable form.
In this manner, the conviction of ‘I am a smoker’ may be reshaped into ‘I am not a smoker’.

The subconscious is the basis of all our behaviour, emotions and physical appearance.
It contains all the information on which we rely to think, reason, experience, feel and the way our physical body presents itself.
The programming takes places throughout our lives.
Experiences and observations are interpreted and stored.
We live on the basis of these.
Changing the programming process is exceptionally slow and difficult in daily life.

A direct link to the subconscious is a blessing.
It saves one from a long journey of persisting, hardship and inevitable failure.
While you may be able to achieve something through persistence, this is often insufficient for projects that require a longer period of time.
In the background lingers that little voice that makes you grab another cigarette eventually, that makes you eat that biscuit or that tells you that you’ll never be good enough anyhow.
That voice comes from your subconscience.
It is a projection of the negative self-image, the negative conviction or emotion that remains hidden inside you.
Through hypnosis it is possible to change that, providing you with a supportive, powerful and energetic movement towards the goal you wish to achieve.

We can compare this to a computer. The harddrive is your subconscious.
Everything about you is stored on that drive – it determines the way you live.
They are basically background progammes running continuously.
By simply changing a part in the programming, you can alter the ‘behaviour’.
Through hypnosis you obtain a direct access to the harddrive – the subconscious.

For this, you must sideline the conscious for a while.
You can then directly access your subconscience.
We call this hypnosis.
We may also compare this to an operation: you are sedated, the problem is solved and you regain consciousness.
Truthfully, we are more often under hypnosis then we realize.
Staring into a fire, being emerged in a novel or driving ‘autopilot’ are examples.

In order to start a hypnosis-session, two things are important:
A strong desire to change something through hypnosis,
and trusting the individual helping you; the hypnosis-coach.

I, as a hypnosis-coach, use Power-Hypnosis.
Power-Hypnosis is a safe and reliable method.
It also provides quick results using the method that I prefer.
Usually one session is sufficient to solve a clearly defined problem.
Should they be less defined, 2 or 3 sessions may be required.
Still, compared to hypnosis-therapy and psychotherapy it is remarkably quick.
And be honest: who feels like spending time and money to repeatedly spend weeks or months on a problem?

Using Power-Hypnosis you will be on a path leading directly to your goal before you even
know it and achieve that goal without pointless effort.