Space and time for a healty Mind.

Welcome to the website of The Great Embrace.
The embracement of yourself and the entire world around you.
Developing a tender loving care and compassion for yourself and others.
This creates harmony, happiness and peace of mind

Usually, this does not come naturally.
There often are Obstacles that prevent True Embraces from being given.
These restrictions are made by ourselves.
Not by the world around us.
They may for example be the cause of grief, anger, shame, pain, physical issues and general unrest.

This website provides you with information regarding these obstacles, and how to
overcome them.

Do have a look at The Great Embrace’, ‘What to embrace’ and ‘The Process’ and
perhaps find a connection with yourself.
The way in which the Obstacles can be transformed in strength and the power to grow
individually is outlined in the section on The Method.

Even if you decide not to attain The Great Embrace, the information presented can
maybe enhance your life.

Enjoy reading!
Feeling at peace and at home with oneself and others can not wait.
Take life the way it is, and yet improve it bit by bit, with every day.
THE GREAT EMBRACE allows you to embody inner peace and be at home.


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Embrace Life Today!