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The Great Embrace
Martin Craanen
Asserstraat 118
9492 TB Ubbena
+31 (0)6-28774203

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Making an appointment

Would you like more information regarding The Great Embrace or would you like to make an appointment, you can either fill out our contact form or call +31 (0)6-28774203 and leave a voicemail containing your name, phone number and request or question.
I will then make sure to call or e-mail you back.


For each treatment session, 121 euro will be charged.


We hereby notify all participants, that our services are not meant to be used as a substitute for any necessary psychotherapeutic or medical treatment.  Participants must take responsibility for their own well-being.  Neither the course leaders, nor the facilitators, accept any responsibility for injury to any course participant or to their personal possessions, which may occur during the course.