The Great Embrace

The Great Embrace is going to help you in becoming a harmonious and freely functioning human being.

This entails:

  • Living life without  dominating conditionings, preferences, convictions and expectations.
  • Embracing the life you are living to the fullest.
  • Living life in harmony with your ‘light and dark’ aspects.
  • Living life the way you want it.

To accomplish this, we do not need to let go of people, life or love.
We only need to let go of our dominating preferences and attachements.
This is not a colourless life, but rather an all-encompassing life.
Happiness and grief separately, and even simultaneously!
Yet without getting stuck in it.
This provides for freedom and tranquillity.
This provides for happiness and peace!

The Great Embrace is about embracing yourself, others, the world.
Embracing your life and everything associated with it.
By embracing life and accepting it, without having fixed dominating preferences and expectations, spiritual freedom and tranquillity can arise.
It seems simple, but often is not.

Sometimes we experience life as continuous suffering and have troubles finding happiness and inner peace.
This is often caused by our belief that we are separated from that which makes us happy.
We seek, we yearn for happiness that is outside us.
Happiness trough others, through religion, through work, through sports, through stimulants – and the list continues.
Because these desires can never be fully satisfied, we become disappointed.
We feel that we are being disadvantaged and become upset and angry.
This is the endless circle of human suffering.
The primary cause of this is ignorance.
The feeling of being disconnected is nourished within ourselves.
We experience disconnection from the world,
yet we are merely disconnected from ourselves.
We long for intimacy with ourselves.
We don’t quite know who or what we are.
This is because we adopted a specific behaviour.
Behaviour that is the consequence of malicious past experiences.
We try to avoid a revival of these feelings through this behaviour.
However, this behaviour also denies us freedom.
We lost contact with our true self, our core.
This is why we must start with embracing ourselves.
If this can be done, there is only a small step left to embracing life and others.

Our conditionings, preferences, dislikes, expectations, convictions and emotions create a framework in which it is particularly hard to embrace the other and the world.
The possibility to change points of view and associated behaviour is often barred, due to something that is in the way.
An Obstacle, a Hindrance.
Examples include traumas, fears, pain, grief, anger, hate or disgrace.
Everyone has his or her own obstacles that prevent them from embracing life to the full extent and from being free.

We know perfectly well that these obstacles are immensely strong and harness exceptional strength.
Such strength even, that they can often oppose our opportunities of being free and happy.
Often, we spend our entire lives combating such obstacles.
Considering the fact that these obstacles protrude from within ourselves, we consequently combat ourselves.
This is an endless and energy-depriving fight.
It would be much better if we did not prefer the combating, the conquering and the removal of obstacles such as grief or fear.
For this would also destroy the strength they contain.
It is much wiser to transform, to transcend this obstacle and consequently this power into an energy – an ally that can aid us and which gives us power instead.
To feel the power that is then released and that can be used in a constructive manner is rather impressive experience!

It is no longer poised against us, but rather has become a part of us.
We can then utilize it to wholly experience life.
Energy for ourselves – not against ourselves.
When this inner dispute is over, we can finally return to ourselves.
It allows us to connect  again to who we really are – to embrace ourselves.

The Great Embrace helps you in making this transformation viable.


Allow yourself and the world around you a GREAT EMBRACE.