The Method

The Great Embrace Method is a technique that provides for a loving, tender, powerful, fast, lasting and healing results.

The techniques described above form the ingredients of the Method.
They have been combined into a single process and were further developed.

A beautiful Healing method has been formed through the combining of an insight-creating, awakening Zen technique, a loving Tibetan healing method and my own experiences with healing: The Great Embrace Healing.

The Great Embrace Healing is exceptionally clear, loving and powerfull.

The basis of the Method is formed by the assumption that each of us has aspects of ourselves that are damaged.
These damaged parts are often deeply concealed within ourselves.
But from the depths they emerge in an unhealthy manner.
“Once Buried Alive They Will Never Die””
Because of the negative influence these aspects exert on our existence, we can no longer live freely.

By establishing a connection with these damaged aspects we can investigate and question them.
Why is it that it is damaged?
When did you decide to relinquish contact with it forever?
What profit did you gain by burying this aspect?
What did it cost you throughout the years?
How does it manage to manifest itself in an unhealthy manner?|
What would it be like if this part were to be healthy again?
What is required in order to be able to heal it?

Healing these damaged parts allows them to regain their status as a wholly integrated part of ourselves.
We can then once again Embrace ourselves to the fullest.
The result being that you again become a freely-functioning human being.

The Method consists of short sessions during which problems are often solved permanently.
It may be necessary in select cases to have more than one session.
Depending on what we wish to heal, we may choose one or more of the above mentioned techniques
These are no long talking sessions, but rather effective and target-oriented exercises that reach and heal the problem’s core swiftly.
Usually about 1 to 5 sessions are required to solve a problem and all its tendrils.
After solving a major problem it is often the case that a desire to refine and broaden one’s knowledge arises.

The effect being that you are liberated from the burden put on you by the problem, causing peace of mind and harmony, and transforming the negative charge of the problem into a positive and supportive one.

The picture below depicts Yab Tum: the unification of yin and yang.
Of male and female. Of your ‘True Nature’ and the ‘Self’ – the ‘Ego’.
That is the unification of who you truly are – of all your characteristics.
This unification, the Embracing of Yourself, your entire life and the whole world is only possible when there are no internal conflicts that create a distance.
The Great Embrace Method helps you in overcoming such conflicts and in becoming a free and happy human being.



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