The logo shows the principle of growth and development towards our true nature; our illuminated mind.

The outer circles are distant from our true (white) nature.
Because we are not truly free there, the world is expected to provide for our freedom and needs, making us dependent on that world for our happiness.
We in fact ask the conditional question: “What can the world offer me?”
That is the source of anger and hate when our surroundings do not provide us with what we desire.
Because we are stuck with this suffering, which fixes us to ourselves, we cannot function freely.

As we grow towards the white centre, our true nature, we need to heal ourselves.
We need to set ourselves free from behaviour that is based on expectations, fears, conditionings, convictions, prejudices and preferences which we project onto our environment.

As such, you will grow from the outer red ring onto the inner violet ring and finally reach the white centre.
Growing, healing, is possible by experiencing peaks and trenches as you can observe from the logo.
Often, trenches (obstacles or problems) are in fact challenges and possibilities to grow, to heal.
A peak, a great moment can prove to be a trench and vice versa, a trench, a problem can prove to be a peak. You can see this by simply flipping the logo.
Peaks and trenches, problems, obstacles and euphoric moments are thus in fact challenges, means to grow.

Healing and growing are not about changing yourself, but rather about gradually becoming yourself.
To be free from the suffering that dictates your life.
To express who you factually are – your Buddha nature.
That is what the white in the centre symbolizes.
A state in which you are completely free with regards to choices and functioning.

It is The Prajna Paramita.
It is where emptiness, the black, and compassionate wholeness, the white, fuse together.
It is where we manifest the perfect expression of our being.
It is where we ask the unconditional question: “What can I offer the world?”

If we continue to go from there on, we become the origin of everything.
It is the bottom of the goblet, the source of all realities.
The DharmaKaya.
It is the place where we encounter the source of all soures.

At the End (and in the Beginning) all kinds of manifestations, the whole picture, this logo, it is all one, us, you, me.
We are the perfect expression of it all. Right here, right now.
“Here, you are.”

Flowers fall with our attachment
And weeds spring up with our aversion.

The whole moon and the sky are reflected
in a dew-drop in the grass,
in one drop of water.

This is a quote taken from the GENJO KOAN by Eihei Dogen.