Biography of Martin Craanen
Asserstraat 118
9492 TB  Ubbena

Cell: +31 6 2877 4203

  • Born on 19 March 1963.
  • Father of 5 children.
  • Married.
  • Graduated as a dentist in 1989.
  • Specialized for 20 years in disabled and extremely anxious patients.
  • Working experience as a dentist in a specialised treatment clinic for anxious and disabled patients and in a private dental office.
  • Trained and experienced in behavioral techniques to manage fears.
  • Trained to use EMDR techniques to treat PTSS, frequently encountered as a cause of extreme dental fear.
  • Knowledge of the psychological factors in dental fear, including serious traumatic experiences outside the dental office, such as sexual abuse or assault and accidents.
  • Experienced in Big Mind Voice Dialoque.
  • Trained to use EFT.
  • Official Hypnose-Coach (C.Hc.)
  • IHR International Full Certified Hypnotherapist


  • 25 years of Zen practice.
  • Member of the Zen River White Plum Lineage Sanga Holland.
  • Zazen meditation.
  • Student of Genpo Merzel Roshi.
  • 5 Big Mind (Circle) retreats in Holland and Salt Lake City (US) with Genpo Merzel Roshi.
  • Kapala 1 training at Tara Mandala Colorado (US) July 2011.
  • Chod retreat in Germany May 2012.
  • Kapala 2 training in Switzerland June 2012.
  • EFT training February 2013.
  • Big Mind Facilitator Training Salt Lake City May 2013.
  • HypnoseCoach 2013.