The Starfish Story

Hoe kunnen we iets bijdragen aan deze wereld?
Waar te beginnen?
Kan ik een verschil maken in deze wereld?
Om je aan te moedigen te beginnen met deze wereld iets moois te geven wil ik je graag het “Starfish” verhaal laten lezen.

One early morning as I was walking along the beach.
I discovered a figure at a distance moving like a dancer.
As I got closer I noticed that the figure was a young girl.
Maybe 9-10 years old and she wasn’t dancing.
She was reaching down to the shoreline.
Picking up small objects and throwing them into the ocean…
As I came even closer, I said ‘Good morning, what are you doing?’
She paused a little out of breath, looked up and said,
‘Throwing starfish into the sea’.
‘Why are you throwing them back there?’ I asked.
She said, ‘The sun is getting hot and the tide is going out,
If I don’t throw them in, they’ll die’.
I couldn’t help saying ‘But there are miles of beach
And hundreds of starfish, d’you think it makes a difference?’
She gave me a very serious look and bent down picking up another starfish
And threw it into the sea.
As it splashed into the water she said
‘It makes a difference to that one…’.

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